Businesses and Professions

Licensing of Applied Behavior Analysts

SECTION 5-86-2

§ 5-86-2. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall be construed as follows:

(1) "Applied behavior analyst" means a person licensed to practice applied behavior analysis under the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations authorized by this chapter.

(2) "Applied behavior analyst aide" means a person not licensed pursuant to the laws and rules applicable to the practice of applied behavior analysis, who works under the supervision of a licensed applied behavior analyst, who assists in the practice of applied behavior analysis and whose activities require an understanding of applied behavior analysis, but do not require professional or advanced training in the basic anatomical, psychological, and social sciences involved in the practice of applied behavior analysis.

(3) "Applied behavior assistant analyst" means a person licensed who practices applied behavior analysis under the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations authorized by this chapter.

(4) "Board" means the licensing board of applied behavior analysts within the Rhode Island department of health, established pursuant to the provisions of § 5-86-3 of the chapter.

(5) "Department" means the Rhode Island department of health.

(6) "Director" means the director of the Rhode Island department of health.

(7) "Education" means the academic program pursued by the person in obtaining the bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree, that the programs to include formal course work, seminars and practica.

(8) "Psychologist with equivalent experience" means a person deemed to hold equivalent licensure as an applied behavior analyst upon satisfying equivalency requirements through submission and satisfaction of written evidence of education and relevant experience to the department pursuant to subsection 5-86-9(c) of this chapter.

(9) "Practice of applied behavior analysis" means the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental modifications by a behavior analyst to produce socially significant improvements in human behavior. It includes the empirical identification of functional relations between environment and behavior, known as functional assessment and analysis. Applied behavior analysis interventions are based on scientific research and the direct observation and measurement of behavior and environment. They utilize contextual factors, establishing operations, antecedent stimuli, positive reinforcement and other consequences to help people develop new behaviors, increase or decrease existing behaviors, and emit behaviors under specific environmental conditions. The practice of applied behavior analysis expressly excludes psychological testing, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, sex therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, and long-term counseling as treatment modalities. Such services are provided by a person licensed under this chapter only when applied behavior analysis services are prescribed by a child psychiatrist, a behavioral developmental pediatrician, a child neurologist or a licensed psychologist with training in child psychology pursuant to § 27-20.11-4.

(10) "Supervised experience" means the practical application of principles, methods and procedures of the science of applied behavioral analysis in accordance with the requirements of § 5-86-9 of this chapter.

(11) "Supervision" means that a licensed applied behavior analyst is at all times responsible for supportive personnel and clients.

(12) "These regulations" mean all parts of Rhode Island rules and regulations for licensing applied behavior analysts, applied behavior assistant analysts, and psychologists with equivalent experience.

(13) "Training" means the pre-professional or professional supervised experience received by the person at the pre or post-doctoral level that experience to have been obtained in an internship, clinic, or other similar professional setting.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2012, ch. 318, § 1; P.L. 2012, ch. 338, § 1.)