Title 6
Commercial Law — General Regulatory Provisions

Chapter 11.1
Purchase and Sale of Precious Metals

R.I. Gen. Laws § 6-11.1-13

§ 6-11.1-13. Disqualifying criminal records — Employees or agents of licensee.

A licensee convicted in a court of this state, a court of another state, or in a federal court, of a felony charge of forgery; embezzlement; obtaining money under false pretenses; bribery; larceny; extortion; conspiracy to defraud; receiving stolen goods; burglary; breaking and entering; or any similar offense or offenses; or tax evasion associated with the conduct of business under a license issued pursuant to this chapter; shall forfeit his or her license. Prior to forfeiture of the license, the licensee may request a hearing on the forfeiture. The attorney general, when so requested, shall hold a hearing. No licensee shall employ or engage any person as an employee or agent while engaging in the business of trading in precious metals who has been convicted of any of the offenses as they are described in this section and which shall be deemed to be a disqualifying criminal record.

History of Section.
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