Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

CHAPTER 6-11.2
Purchase and Sale of Regulated Metals

SECTION 6-11.2-11

§ 6-11.2-11. Penalties.

(a) Every person who shall violate the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500), or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

(b) If the value of the property involved in a transaction which is in violation of this chapter exceeds two hundred fifty dollars ($250), a person convicted of a violation shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or both.

(c) The department of attorney general shall have the authority to suspend the license of any person required to be licensed under this chapter as a result of violations of this chapter regulations leading to penalties under this chapter.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2013, ch. 189, § 1; P.L. 2013, ch. 239, § 1.)