Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

CHAPTER 6-13.1
Deceptive Trade Practices

SECTION 6-13.1-28

§ 6-13.1-28. Financing of motor vehicles – Term and rate of interest prominently displayed.

(a) Any contract to finance the sale of a motor vehicle shall prominently display the term and rate of interest.

(b) The borrower's initials or signature shall appear immediately adjacent to the term and to the rate of interest on the loan agreement that shall only serve as an acknowledgement that the borrower has been informed of the terms and rate. The borrower shall also be required to separately sign the loan agreement to bind himself or herself to the contract.

(c) Any agreement to finance a motor vehicle that does not comply with the provision of this section shall be voidable within thirty (30) days at the option of the borrower; provided, however, the borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the vehicle.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2007, ch. 171, § 1; P.L. 2008, ch. 381, § 1; P.L. 2008, ch. 390, § 1; P.L. 2014, ch. 528, § 10.)