Title 6
Commercial Law — General Regulatory Provisions

Chapter 13.1
Deceptive Trade Practices

R.I. Gen. Laws 6-13.1-29

 6-13.1-29.  Furnishing of credit reports.

No credit bureau doing business in this state shall use all or part of a consumer's social security number as the sole factor when determining whether a credit report in its files matches the identity of a person who is the subject of a credit inquiry from a user of credit reports. When a social security number is used as a factor, a credit bureau may disclose a credit report in its files to an inquiring user of credit reports only if the name and, at a minimum, at least one other identifier such as address; prior address; date of birth; mother's maiden name; place of employment; or prior place of employment; also match the identity of the person who is the subject of the inquiry.

History of Section.
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