Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

Closing Out Sales

SECTION 6-14-11

§ 6-14-11. Continuance of business after expiration of license.

Any person who, under the provisions of this chapter, conducts a "closing-out sale"; "going-out-of-business sale"; "discontinuance-of-business sale"; "selling out"; "liquidation"; "lost our lease"; "must vacate"; "forced out"; "removal"; or a sale of other designation of like meaning; or a sale of goods, wares, and merchandise damaged by fire, smoke, water, or otherwise, beyond the date specified by the sale, or who upon conclusion of the sale: (1) Continues that business that had been represented as "closing out," or "going out of business," or by similar designation as described in this chapter; or (2) Having discontinued the business, resumes the business within one year from the expiration date of the license for the sale provided for in this chapter, under the same name, or under a different name, at the same location, or elsewhere in the same city or town where the inventory for the sale was filed, or who, upon conclusion of the sale, continues business contrary to the designation of the sale; shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be fined in a sum not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500) or shall be imprisoned for not less than ten (10) days nor more than six (6) months, or both, within the discretion of the court.

History of Section.
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