Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

Lay-Away Sales

SECTION 6-32-4

§ 6-32-4. Notice required on agreement.

(a) No lay away sale shall be effective unless a written memorandum of the sale is signed and dated by the buyer and unless it conspicuously contains the following directly above the space reserved in the agreement or sales slip for the signature of the buyer:

Notice to buyer:

(1) You are entitled to a copy of this document at the time you sign it.

(2) You may at any time pay off the full unpaid balance due under this agreement, and in so doing you may be entitled to receive a partial rebate of the finance and insurance charges, if any.

(3) You may cancel this agreement provided you notify the seller in person or by registered or certified mail, which shall be given not later than midnight of the tenth calendar day after the day on which the buyer signs the agreement, excluding Sunday and any holiday on which regular mail deliveries are not made.

(b) The seller is not precluded from using his or her own form of notice provided it at least affords the consumer the protection of the statutory notice.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 291, § 2; P.L. 1980, ch. 380, § 1.)