Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

Antitrust Law

SECTION 6-36-11

§ 6-36-11. Enforcement.

(a) Action for treble damages. Any person or public body, including the United States, injured in his or her business or property by reason of a violation of the provisions of this chapter may sue in superior court and shall recover threefold the damages sustained by him or her, together with reasonable costs of suit and any reasonable attorneys' fees that may be granted at the discretion of the court. The reasonable costs of suit may include, but shall not be limited to, the expenses of discovery and document reproduction. In any action under this section the fact that a person or public body has not dealt directly with the defendant shall not bar or otherwise limit recovery. Provided, however, that the court shall exclude from the amount of the damages awarded in the action, any amount of monetary relief that duplicates amounts that have been awarded for the same injury, but shall not exclude reasonable costs and attorneys' fees.

(b) Action by attorney general. The attorney general shall investigate suspected violations of the provisions of this chapter and if he or she shall conclude that a violation is imminent, is occurring, or has occurred, he or she may institute on behalf of the state of Rhode Island or any of its departments, subdivisions, agencies, or its cities and towns, an action in superior court seeking appropriate relief. The attorney general may bring an action in federal court on behalf of the state of Rhode Island; any of its political subdivisions or agencies; or its cities and towns to recover the damages provided for by the federal antitrust laws, and pursuant to the federal laws may undertake any measures that he or she deems necessary for the successful conduct of the action.

History of Section.
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