Commercial Law – General Regulatory Provisions

Antitrust Law

SECTION 6-36-14

§ 6-36-14. Agreements with other plaintiffs – Settlements – Cooperation with other governments – Division of antitrust.

(a) In any action brought by the attorney general pursuant either to this chapter or to the federal antitrust laws, or both, for the recovery of damages or other proper relief, the attorney general may enter into agreements relating to the investigation and litigation of the action with any other party plaintiff who has brought a similar action and with whom the attorney general finds it advantageous to act jointly or to share common expenses or to cooperate in any manner relative to the action. The attorney general may enter settlements with defendants that provide for the payment of money to plaintiffs.

(b) The attorney general may cooperate with officials of the federal government and of the several states in the investigation and enforcement of violations to the end that implementation of this chapter will be accomplished in the most equitable and efficient manner possible.

(c) The attorney general may establish a division of antitrust within the department of attorney general to enforce this chapter, and he or she may employ any assistant attorneys general, special assistant attorneys general, economic analysts, investigators, and clerical staff that may be required to support the division.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1979, ch. 98, § 1.)