Uniform Commercial Code

Secured Transactions

PART 6A-9-301
Perfection and Priority

SECTION 6A-9-310

§ 6A-9-310. When filing required to perfect security interest or agricultural lien; security interests and agricultural liens to which filing provisions do not apply.

(a) General rule: perfection by filing. Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) and § 6A-9-312(b), a financing statement must be filed to perfect all security interests and agricultural liens.

(b) Exceptions: filing not necessary. The filing of a financing statement is not necessary to perfect a security interest:

(1) That is perfected under § 6A-9-308(d), (e), (f), or (g);

(2) That is perfected under § 6A-9-309 when it attaches;

(3) In property subject to a statute, regulation, or treaty described in § 6A-9-311(a);

(4) In goods in possession of a bailee which is perfected under § 6A-9-312(d)(1) or (2);

(5) In certificated securities, documents, goods, or instruments which is perfected without filing, control or possession under § 6A-9-312(e), (f), or (g);

(6) In collateral in the secured party's possession under § 6A-9-313;

(7) In a certificated security which is perfected by delivery of the security certificate to the secured party under § 6A-9-313;

(8) In deposit accounts, electronic chattel paper, electronic documents, investment property, or letter-of-credit rights which is perfected by control under § 6A-9-314;

(9) In proceeds which is perfected under § 6A-9-315; or

(10) That is perfected under § 6A-9-316.

(c) Assignment of perfected security interest. If a secured party assigns a perfected security interest or agricultural lien, a filing under this chapter is not required to continue the perfected status of the security interest against creditors of and transferees from the original debtor.

History of Section.
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