Corporations, Associations, and Partnerships

Limited Partnerships

SECTION 7-13-13

§ 7-13-13. Filing in office of secretary of state – Certificate of conversion to a limited partnership.

(a) The certificate of limited partnership and of any certificates of amendments or cancellation (or of any judicial decree of amendment or cancellation) shall be delivered to the secretary of state. A person who executes a certificate as an agent, attorney in fact, or fiduciary need not exhibit evidence of his or her authority as a prerequisite to filing. Any signature on any certificate authorized to be filed with the secretary of state under any provision of this chapter may be a facsimile. Unless the secretary of state finds that any certificate does not conform to law, upon receipt of all filing fees required by law the secretary shall:

(1) Endorse on the original the word "Filed" and the day, month, and year of the filing of it;

(2) File the original in his or her office.

(3) [Deleted by P.L. 2005, ch. 36, § 8 and P.L. 2005, ch. 72, § 8.]

(b) Upon the filing of a certificate of amendment (or judicial decree of amendment) in the office of the secretary of state, the certificate of limited partnership or certificate of conversion as the case may be shall be amended as presented in the certificate, and on the effective date of a certificate of cancellation (or a judicial decree of cancellation), the certificate of limited partnership or certificate of conversion to a limited partnership is cancelled.

History of Section.
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