Corporations, Associations, and Partnerships

Additional Powers of Corporations


§ 7-9-3. Acceptance of corporate bond as sole surety.

No additional surety is required upon any judicial or official bond or upon any recognizance or other obligation of record, by the judge, head of department, or other officer approving the bond or taking the recognizance, if he or she deems the surety sufficient, but additional surety may be required by him or her, if in his or her discretion necessary. In all bonds, undertakings, or other obligations, and in all recognizances or other obligations of record in which "sureties" are required by law or otherwise in this state, the sole suretyship of any company duly authorized to do business in this state, if deemed sufficient surety by the person, judge, or official approving or accepting the bond, undertaking, or other obligation, or taking the recognizance or other obligation of record, is deemed a full compliance with any requirement for "sureties".

History of Section.
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