Title 7
Corporations, Associations, and Partnerships

Index of Chapters

Chapter 7-1 Corporations — General Provisions

Chapter 7-1.1 Business Corporations [Repealed.]

Chapter 7-1.2 Rhode Island Business Corporation Act

Chapter 7-2 Business Corporations — Formation and Powers [Repealed.]

Chapter 7-3 Business Corporations — Capital and Dividends [Repealed.]

Chapter 7-4 Business Corporations — Officers, Directors, and Stockholders

Chapter 7-5 Business Corporations — Reorganization, Dissolution, and Sale of Assets

Chapter 7-5.1 Professional Service Corporations

Chapter 7-5.2 Business Combination Act

Chapter 7-5.3 Benefit Corporations

Chapter 7-6 Rhode Island Nonprofit Corporation Act

Chapter 7-6.1 Cooperative Housing Corporations

Chapter 7-6.2 Workers’ Cooperatives

Chapter 7-7 Producers’ Cooperatives

Chapter 7-8 Consumers’ Cooperatives

Chapter 7-9 Additional Powers of Corporations

Chapter 7-10 Transfer of Corporate Stock [Repealed.]

Chapter 7-11 Rhode Island Uniform Securities Act

Chapter 7-11.1 The Uniform Transfer on Death Security Registration Act

Chapter 7-11.2 Senior Savings Protection Act

Chapter 7-12 Partnerships

Chapter 7-12.1 Uniform Partnership Act

Chapter 7-13 Limited Partnerships [Repealed.]

Chapter 7-13.1 Uniform Limited Partnership Act

Chapter 7-14 Suppression of Criminally Operated Businesses

Chapter 7-15 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

Chapter 7-16 The Rhode Island Limited Liability Company Act