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Family Court

SECTION 8-10-14.1

§ 8-10-14.1. Powers of justices of the peace.

(a) The chief judge of the family court shall from time to time appoint, with power to revoke such appointments, from those qualified justices of the peace who shall be members of the bar of the state of Rhode Island as many such justices of the peace as he or she may deem necessary who shall be authorized to set and take bail in all complaints bailable before the family court except those offenses punishable by life imprisonment, and, if unable to post bail, to commit to the adult correctional institutions all respondents arrested on such complaints, and the chief judge shall authorize the justices of the peace so appointed by him or her to issue warrants and complaints returnable to the family court, for any offense for which by law a judge of the family court may issue a warrant and complaint, and all warrants so issued, and all warrants and complaints upon which bail is taken or commitments are made shall be forthwith returned to family court; provided, that the justices of the peace shall not in any case or for any purpose have the power to issue search warrants.

(b) In the event that session of family court is not held in any of the counties on the next weekday (Monday thru Friday) after appearance by a respondent before a justice of the peace, then the justice of the peace may schedule the arraignment of the respondent in the closest county (if in session on the next day following) or in Providence county as he or she shall be directed by the administrative orders of the chief judge of the family court.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1985, ch. 97, § 1.)