Courts and Civil Procedure – Courts

Family Court

SECTION 8-10-15

§ 8-10-15. Family court administrator.

(a) There shall be a family court administrator who shall be appointed by the chief judge of the family court in his or her capacity as administrative judge of the court, with the advice and consent of the senate, and who shall hold office for a term of five (5) years.

(b) Under the general supervision of the chief judge of the family court, within the policies established by the court, the administrator shall:

(1) Prepare an annual budget for the court;

(2) Formulate procedures governing the administration of court services;

(3) Make recommendations to the court for improvement in court services;

(4) Collect necessary statistics and prepare the annual report of the work of the court;

(5) Provide supervision and consultation to the staff of the court concerning administration of court services, training and supervision of personnel, and fiscal management;

(6) Perform such other duties as the chief judge shall specify;

(7) And further to assume and perform, in addition to any other duties provided by this chapter, the powers, authority, and the duties of the family court clerk, pursuant to the provisions of the general laws, and shall do and perform all other things which by law or the rules of the court shall appertain to the office of clerk.

History of Section.
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