Courts and Civil Procedure – Courts

State and Municipal Court Compact

SECTION 8-18-2

§ 8-18-2. Universal summons.

All state agencies and municipalities that have law enforcement powers shall be issued and authorized a form for summons and complaint to be used for all violations specified in chapters 27, 41.1 and 41.2 of title 31 and no other summons shall be substituted except as provided by § 31-12-12. All fines, assessments, fees, and other financial charge or any other responsibility not changed by the following shall be deemed enforceable even when the summons is issued by a municipality and adjudicated by a municipal court, or issued by state agencies or a municipality without a court and adjudicated by the traffic tribunal. All summonses, once issued, must be recorded by the traffic tribunal prior to a hearing, arraignment, or trial. If the summons is answered by payment without personal appearance pursuant to § 31-41.1-2, it shall be recorded by the traffic tribunal upon return from the financial institution.

History of Section.
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