Courts and Civil Procedure – Courts

Justices of Supreme, Superior, and Family Courts

SECTION 8-3-10

§ 8-3-10. Service after retirement.

Any justice or judge of the supreme court, superior court, family court, or district court who shall retire in accordance with the provisions of § 8-3-7, 8-3-8, or 8-3-12 and who shall subsequently be assigned to perform service in accordance with § 8-3-7 or 8-3-8, when so assigned and performing such service, shall receive in addition to his or her retirement pension the difference in pay and fringe benefits between what he or she was entitled to receive under § 8-3-7, 8-3-8, or 8-3-12 prior to exercising his or her options available under § 8-3-11 and what a judge or justice with comparable state service time is receiving as a justice or judge of the court to which he/she is assigned, or a justice or judge of the court from which he/she retired, whichever is greater.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1979, ch. 19, § 3.)