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Traffic tribunal

SECTION 8-8.2-5

§ 8-8.2-5. Security officers – Powers.

(a) All full time security officers employed by the traffic tribunal shall have the same immunities and may exercise all powers of sheriffs, city and town police officers, and constables when the security officers are enforcing the laws of this state, and all rules and regulations of the traffic tribunal upon the lands and buildings owned or occupied by the traffic tribunal upon streets and highways immediately adjacent to those lands or when in attendance with a judge or magistrate.

(b) All security officers shall be required to attend the Rhode Island municipal police academy for a period of forty (40) hours for the purpose of training in law enforcement.

(c) When any person is suspected of having committed a felony the superintendent of state police shall be notified following the suspected felon's arrest.

(d) When acting as a constable with the authorization of the Chief Magistrate, he or she may exercise all powers under Rhode Island §§ 8-8-12(10) and 8-8-23.

History of Section.
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