Courts and Civil Procedure – Courts

District Court

SECTION 8-8-19

§ 8-8-19. Duties of chief clerk.

The chief clerk shall have general supervisory power over the clerks of the court and shall be responsible to the chief judge for the proper and efficient operation of their offices. To that end he or she shall:

(1) Temporarily transfer clerks to other divisions outside of their own when he or she deems it necessary. Such transfers shall be subject to the approval of the chief judge.

(2) Procure all necessary papers, books, and other documents as the state controller or as the chief judge may direct, upon which the clerks shall keep their records and make their reports and returns.

(3) Systematize record keeping throughout the divisions.

(4) Gather such statistics as the chief judge shall direct.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1969, ch. 239, § 4.)