Title 8
Courts and Civil Procedure — Courts

Chapter 9
Probate Courts

R.I. Gen. Laws § 8-9-16

§ 8-9-16. Confirmation of prior acts and proceedings.

When the validity of an act or proceeding of a probate court, or of a person acting as executor, administrator, or guardian, is called in question by reason of an alleged irregularity, defective notice, or want or improper exercise of authority, any party interested in or affected by the act or proceeding may apply to the probate court having jurisdiction of the subject matter in respect to which the act or proceeding has been had; and the court, after such notice as it may order to all parties interested, may hear and determine the matter and confirm the act or proceeding, in whole or in part, and may authorize and empower the executor, administrator, guardian, or any successor, or other person who may be legally appointed to act in the same capacity, to confirm the act or proceeding and to execute and deliver such deeds, releases, conveyances, and other instruments as may be found necessary for that purpose; but no act or proceeding shall be confirmed which the court might not have authorized in the first instance upon due proceedings.

History of Section.
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