Title 8
Courts and Civil Procedure — Courts

Chapter 9
Probate Courts

R.I. Gen. Laws § 8-9-18

§ 8-9-18. Judicial aid in taking possession of property of estates.

If any person has or is suspected of having under his or her control any property or documents belonging to the estate of a deceased person or person under guardianship, or any thing which may tend to disclose the condition of the estate, and on demand therefor by the executor, administrator, guardian, conservator, or custodian refuses to deliver them to him or her without legal justification for the refusal; or if the person claims to have a lien thereon and refuses to disclose the amount and particulars of his or her claim; or if any person is suspected of having concealed, embezzled, or conveyed away any of the personal estate of the deceased person or ward, the probate court may, upon the written application of the executor, administrator, guardian, conservator, or custodian or any other party in interest, cite the person to appear before the court, and may examine him or her on oath concerning the matters complained of; and if he or she refuses to appear or to answer the interrogatories put to him or her by the court, it may adjudge him or her in contempt and may commit him or her therefor to the adult correctional institutions until he or she shall submit to the order of the court or be legally discharged. The person so examined shall not be excused from answering any question on the ground that his or her answer will tend to criminate him or her, but his or her answer shall not be used as evidence against him or her in any criminal prosecution except for perjury.

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