Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Selection of Jury

SECTION 9-10-1

§ 9-10-1. Notice by court of jurors required – Notifications to sergeants and constables.

From time to time as occasion may require, the superior court or family court shall direct notices to be sent by the clerk thereof to the jury commissioner that there will be required for the county or counties for which the court is held a certain number of grand or petit jurors and the time and place at which they are required to attend. And the jury commissioner, on receiving the notice, shall take from the list of jurors qualified as provided in chapter 9 of this title, in the order in which their names appear on the jury list, so many names as may be required to ensure the attendance of the number of jurors required by the court and shall issue notifications to the city or town sergeant or any certified constable, either in person, or by one of his or her assistants, or by registered or certified mail, and under his or her hand and seal, designating who are grand and petit jurors, and the time and place at which the jurors are required to attend. Upon consent of the town sergeant of the town where any juror resides, the jury commissioner may retain the notifications for service by the jury commissioner or his or her agents.

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