Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Selection of Jury

SECTION 9-10-14

§ 9-10-14. Court examination of prospective jurors.

The court shall, on motion of either party in a suit, examine on oath a person who is called as a juror therein, to know whether he or she is related to either party, has any interest in the cause, or has expressed or formed an opinion or is sensible of any bias or prejudice therein; and the party objecting to the juror may introduce any other competent evidence in support of the objection. The court may permit the parties or their attorneys to conduct the examination of the person called as a juror. If it appears to the court that the juror does not stand indifferent in the cause, another shall be called in his or her stead for the trial of that cause, but at no time shall counsel for either party be precluded from examining prospective jurors.

History of Section.
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