Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Selection of Jury

SECTION 9-10-3

§ 9-10-3. Service of summons by jury commissioner.

Whenever on receipt of a notice from the clerk of the superior or family court for grand or petit jurors it shall appear to the jury commissioner to be impossible to get the returns from the officer or officers who customarily serve the summons in proper time for the commissioner to make his or her returns to the clerk of the court, or upon consent of the town sergeant of the town where any juror resides, in accordance herewith, then the jury commissioner or some person connected with his or her office designated by him or her for such purpose may serve the summons upon any such jurors as have been listed for service at a session of the court; provided, that when any such summons is served by the jury commissioner or person designated by him or her, the town or city in which the service is made shall not be liable for the payment of the fee mentioned in § 9-10-2.

History of Section.
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