Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

District Court Practice

SECTION 9-12-13

§ 9-12-13. Costs in superior court.

Where an appeal is claimed by the plaintiff under the provisions of § 9-12-10, and the judgment in the superior court, if for the plaintiff, does not exceed the amount awarded him or her in the district court, he or she shall recover no costs, and shall also pay the defendant's costs, and if on the plaintiff's claim of appeal the judgment, as in the district court, shall be for the defendant, the defendant shall be entitled to double costs; and if the defendant claims an appeal and the judgment is for the plaintiff for the same or a greater amount than that awarded by the district court, the defendant shall be taxed double costs. In cases involving multiple plaintiffs or multiple defendants, costs, including double costs, shall be taxed in the discretion of the court, and the costs may be taxed against a coparty as well as against the opposing party or parties.

History of Section.
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