Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally


SECTION 9-2-12

§ 9-2-12. Actions against unincorporated associations.

Any action or other civil proceeding may be maintained to recover any property or upon any cause of action for or upon which the plaintiff may maintain such an action or proceeding against all the associates, by reason of their interest or ownership, or claim of ownership therein, against the president and secretary of the association, or the officers or members exercising substantially the duties, respectively, of president and secretary, or if there is no such officer, or officers, or members exercising such duties, or either of them, then against any other two (2) officers of the association, or if there is but one officer, then against the single officer, or if there is no officer known to the plaintiff, then against any member of the association, describing the officer or officers, member or members, as the representative or representatives of the association.

History of Section.
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