Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Levy and Sale on Execution

SECTION 9-26-14

§ 9-26-14. Recording of execution against real estate.

Whenever execution is to be levied upon real estate or any interest therein, the officer charged with the service of the execution shall file with the recorder of deeds, if any, or with the town clerk or the city clerk of the town or city in which the real estate shall lie, a copy of the execution, with his or her doings thereon, together with a description of the real estate or interest therein to be so levied upon, and the recorder of deeds, if any, or the town clerk or city clerk shall note upon the copy of the execution the exact time, as nearly as may be, when the execution was filed in his or her office, and shall also enter in a book, to be kept by him or her for that purpose, the names of all the parties in the execution, including the name of any partnership set forth in the writ where any real property of a defendant whose property is being levied upon is held in a partnership name, the amount of the judgment, the time when the copy was filed in his or her office, and the name of the court to which and the time when the execution is returnable, and shall be entitled to demand and to receive from the officer a fee of fifty cents ($.50) in each case.

History of Section.
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