Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Levy and Sale on Execution

SECTION 9-26-25

§ 9-26-25. Execution against corporations – Action against officers and stockholders.

Whenever final judgment for any sum shall be rendered by any court against any banking association or any incorporated company, execution on the judgment shall be issued against the goods, chattels, and real estate of the corporation; and whenever any execution shall be, by the officer charged with the service thereof, returned that he or she cannot find sufficient property of the corporation whereon to levy the execution, the party in whose favor the judgment shall have been rendered may bring a civil action in the court in which the judgment was rendered against the president and directors, trustees, managers, or other like officers of the corporation, if any such there are, and, if none, then against so many of the stockholders or members thereof as he or she may think fit.

History of Section.
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