Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Proceedings in Aid of Execution

SECTION 9-28-3

§ 9-28-3. Citation to show cause why instalment payments should not be decreed.

On the filing of an application by a judgment creditor, execution on whose judgment has been returned either wholly or in part unsatisfied and unpaid, the clerk or a justice of the court rendering the judgment, or if the judgment is rendered in the superior court in a case in which the writ was returnable to a district court, then and in such case the clerk or justice of the district court to which the writ was returnable, if the papers in the case shall have been transmitted to the district court as hereinafter provided, shall issue a citation to the judgment debtor to appear at a time and place named therein to show cause why an examination into his or her circumstances should not be made and a decree be entered ordering him or her to pay the judgment in full or by instalment, weekly, monthly, or otherwise. The citation shall be made returnable to the court by which it was issued and shall be served by delivering a copy to the debtor or by leaving a copy at the last and usual place of abode of the debtor with some person living there at least six (6) days before the return day named therein.

History of Section.
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