Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Proceedings in Aid of Execution

SECTION 9-28-4

§ 9-28-4. Appearance of judgment debtor – Hearing on citation.

A judgment debtor upon whom the citation shall be served as provided in § 9-28-3 shall be obliged to appear in court in person in response to the citation as therein commanded, and for failure to so appear, may be proceeded against as provided by chapter 17 of this title in the case of a witness duly summoned who fails to appear as commanded. At the hearing on the citation, the court shall make inquiry by examination of the judgment debtor, or otherwise, as to his or her circumstances, his or her income from any source, and his or her ability to pay the judgment; and if the debtor fails to appear at the time and place fixed the inquiry may proceed in his or her absence.

History of Section.
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