Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Commencement of Proceedings


§ 9-4-2. Venue of actions involving realty.

All civil actions which concern realty, or any right, easement, or interest therein, or the possession thereof, all civil actions for breaking and entering the close of any plaintiff, and all actions in which the title to real estate may be tried and determined, shall, if brought in the superior court, be brought in the court for the county, and if brought in the district court, in the division where the land lies; and whenever the land, whether consisting of an entire tract or of two (2) or more separate tracts, lies partly in two (2) or more counties or divisions, such actions, if brought in the superior court, may be brought in the court for any county, or if brought in a district court, in any division where the land or any portion thereof lies.

History of Section.
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