Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure Generally

Writs, Summons and Process

SECTION 9-5-14

§ 9-5-14. Writs of mesne process.

The plaintiff in any action may, as often as may be necessary, at any time before final judgment in the action, sue out a writ of mesne process to be made returnable to the court in which the action is then pending, the writ of mesne process commanding the attachment of the real or personal estate of the defendant, including his or her personal estate in the hands or possession of any person, partnership, or corporation, as the trustee of the defendant, and his or her stock or shares in any banking association or other incorporated company, and may also sue out a writ of mesne process commanding the arrest of the defendant unless the defendant has been arrested in the action; provided, that the plaintiff, his or her agent, or attorney shall make affidavit, to be endorsed on or annexed to the writ, setting forth facts which would authorize an attachment or arrest at the commencement of the action. The writ of mesne process shall conform, as nearly as may be, to a writ of attachment or arrest issued at the commencement of an action and shall be returnable at a time, before final judgment, to be specified in the writ.

History of Section.
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