Title 10
Courts and Civil Procedure — Procedure in Particular Actions

Chapter 7
Death by Wrongful Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 10-7-3

§ 10-7-3. Action by beneficiaries.

If there is no executor or administrator, or if, there being one, no action is brought in his or her name within six (6) months after the death, one action may be brought in the names of all the beneficiaries, either by all, or by part stating that they sue for the benefit of all, and stating their respective relations to the deceased; provided, that if all do not bring suit, only those bringing it shall be responsible for costs; but judgment shall be for the benefit of all and shall be entered as several judgments for each in his or her proportion, and executions thereon shall issue in favor of each respectively; provided, further, that if action is brought by the beneficiaries, no action shall thereafter be brought by the executor or administrator. There shall be but one bill of costs in favor of the plaintiffs, which shall enure equally for the benefit of those bringing the suit, and of them only.

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