Title 11
Criminal Offenses

Chapter 47

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-47-17

§ 11-47-17. Qualifications required of law enforcement officers appointed after June 17, 1959.

Except as provided in § 11-47-15.3, all law enforcement officers of this state and its political subdivisions whose permanent appointment shall take place after June 17, 1959, will be required to qualify with the pistol or revolver with which they are armed prior to their permanent appointment, that qualification to be the same as that required in § 11-47-15. Town constables or police constables, special officers, and all law enforcement officers, who by law are authorized to carry side arms and whose appointments are made on a recurring basis, will be required to qualify not later than one year following the date of enactment of this section and their commissions or warrants will be plainly marked or stamped “QUALIFIED WITH PISTOL OR REVOLVER” and will be signed and dated by the certifying authority attesting to that fact. The failure of any law enforcement officer to qualify under the provisions of this section revokes his or her privilege of carrying a pistol or revolver, whether concealed or not, on or about his or her person. All law enforcement officers of this state and its political subdivisions will repeat this qualification at periods of not more than one year.

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