Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 1
Persons Eligible to Marry

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-1-6

§ 15-1-6. Declaration of validity of marriage by divorced person.

Any marriage, which may have been deemed and held void because a former wife or husband of either of the parties to the marriage, divorced from the party by final decree, was living at the time of the marriage, may be declared valid and binding upon the parties by decree of the family court, if the marriage was in all other respects lawful. The decree may be entered at the discretion of the court upon the petition of either party to the marriage, or of any of the issue of the marriage, and after a hearing and notice to all persons known to have an interest in the marriage as the court may deem necessary, and the decree may declare that the issue of the marriage shall be deemed legitimate and that the widow of any party to the marriage shall be entitled to her life estate created by chapter 25 of title 33.

History of Section.
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