Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 5
Divorce and Separation

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-5-5

§ 15-5-5. Uncorroborated testimony of complainant.

Whenever the act or acts giving rise to the cause for divorce are of a nature that the complaining party could not ordinarily produce corroborating testimony, the court may, in its discretion, if it is satisfied of the existence of the cause in question, the proof in other respects being satisfactory, grant the divorce on the testimony of the complaining party alone.

History of Section.
G.L. 1938, ch. 416, § 2; P.L. 1939, ch. 707, § 1; G.L. 1956, § 15-5-5; P.L. 2004, ch. 6, § 25.