Title 19
Financial Institutions

Chapter 14
Licensed Activities

R.I. Gen. Laws 19-14-8

 19-14-8.  Denial of license due to incomplete application.

If the applicant has failed to provide the information requested by the department to complete the application, the director, or the director's designee, shall notify the applicant, in writing, that the application shall be considered withdrawn if all information requested is not received within thirty (30) days of the notice. The notice shall specify what information is necessary for completion. The applicant may make a written demand within thirty (30) days for a hearing to determine the reasonableness of the director's, or the director's designee's, action. The hearing shall be conducted pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act, chapter 35 of title 42. If the applicant fails to provide the information or request a hearing within thirty (30) days from the notice, the application shall be withdrawn on the basis that it is incomplete.

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