Fish and Wildlife

Fur-bearing Animals

SECTION 20-16-1

   § 20-16-1  Fur-bearers protected. – (a) No person shall hunt, pursue, shoot, or trap, or attempt so to do, the following fur-bearing mammals in this state, except in accordance with rules and regulations governing seasons, bag limits, and methods of taking adopted by the director pursuant to § 20-1-12.

   (b) For the purposes of this chapter, "fur-bearers" shall be considered to include:

   (1) Carnivores (Order Carnivora )

   (i) Family Canidae, genus Canis (coyote); genus Urocyon (gray fox); genus Vulpes (red fox).

   (ii) Family Procyonidae, genus Procyon (raccoon).

   (iii) Family Mustelidae, genus Martes (fisher); genus Mustela, M. erminea (ermine), M. frenata (longtailed weasel), M. vison (mink), genus Mephitis (striped skunk), genus Lutra (river otter).

   (iv) Family Felidae, genus Lynx (bobcat).

   (2) Rodents (Order Rodentia )

   (i) Family Castoridae, genus Castor (beaver).

   (ii) Family Sciuridae, genus Sciurus (gray squirrel).

   (iii) Family Cricetidae, genus Ondatra (muskrat).

   (3) Marsupials (Order Marsupialia ): Family Didelphidae, genus Didelphis (opossum).

   (4) Rabbits and hares (Order Lagomorpha ): Family Leporidae, genus Sylvilagus (Eastern and New England cottontail), genus Lepus (snowshoe hare).

History of Section.
(P.L. 1981, ch. 197, § 3.)