Title 23
Health and Safety

Chapter 17
Licensing of Healthcare Facilities

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-17-8.1

§ 23-17-8.1. Curtailment of activities.

Whenever the director determines that a health care facility licensed under this chapter is not being operated in conformance with all of the requirements established under this chapter, the director may, in lieu of suspension or revocation of the license of the facility, order the licensee to be placed on probationary status and set conditions with which the licensee must comply within a set period of time, order the licensee to admit no additional persons to the facility, to provide health services to no additional persons through the facility, to transfer all or some of the persons occupying the facility to other suitable accommodations, or to take any other corrective action necessary to secure compliance with the requirements established under this chapter. Notice of the order and any subsequent hearing that may be scheduled shall comply with the requirements of procedural due process stipulated in § 23-17-8. The director may act pursuant to this section only in those instances wherein the director determines that the continued operation of the facility will not result in undue hardship to its occupants.

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