Health and Safety

Air Pollution

SECTION 23-23-4

§ 23-23-4. Administration – Agency for federal acts.

(a) It shall be the responsibility of the director of environmental management to administer this chapter. Within the department of environmental management, the director may employ personnel who shall come within the classified service in accordance with the laws of this state for the purposes of this chapter, and may delegate to a subordinate or subordinates any or all the powers and duties vested in him or her under this chapter. The general assembly shall annually appropriate any sums that it may deem necessary for the expenses of administering this chapter.

(b) The department of environmental management is designated as the state air pollution control agency for this state for all purposes of any federal air pollution control laws, acts, or programs, and is authorized to take all action necessary or appropriate to secure to this state the benefit of those laws, acts, or programs.

History of Section.
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