Health and Safety

Air Pollution

SECTION 23-23-8

§ 23-23-8. Investigations – Orders.

(a) If any person is causing air pollution and if after investigation and hearing the director shall so find, he or she may enter an order directing that person to adopt or to use, or to operate properly, some practicable and reasonably available control system or device or means to prevent the pollution, having due regard for the rights and interests of all persons concerned. The order may specify the particular control systems, device, or means to be adopted, used, or operated; provided, that where there is more than one practical and reasonably available system or means, the order shall give to the person complained of the right to adopt or use one of the systems or means as he or she may choose. The order shall specify the time within which the system or means shall be adopted or used or the operation of the system shall be commenced. The time may be extended by the director in his or her discretion upon application being made by the person, and the order may, upon application be modified in any other particular. No order or modification of the order may be entered by the director deferring compliance with a requirement of this chapter or the rules and regulations promulgated under this chapter, unless the deferral is consistent with provisions and procedures of the federal Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. § 7401 et seq.

(b) Where any order of the director does not specify the system or means to be adopted, the person against whom the order is entered shall, before proceeding to install any system, submit to the director a plan or statement describing the system or means which he or she proposes to adopt. In the case where the person subsequently desires to make any substantial change in the system or means adopted, he or she shall, before proceeding to do so, file with the director a plan or statement describing the change. The director may upon the application of any person at any time enter an order approving the system or means which he or she has adopted or may desire to adopt. A copy of each order entered by the director shall be sent to the person or persons affected by either certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.

History of Section.
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