Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-34.1
Amusement Ride Safety Act

SECTION 23-34.1-6

§ 23-34.1-6. Amusement ride or device owner – Obligations.

(a) If an amusement ride or device is materially rebuilt or so modified as to change its original action, it shall be re-identified by a different name and a different serial number.

(b) Repairs will be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and shall utilize replacement parts which meet or exceed original equipment specifications.

(c) It shall be the responsibility of the amusement ride or device owner to obtain all safety alert or maintenance bulletins and strictly adhere to the manufacturer's requirements.

(d) The owner must maintain an up-to-date ride file jacket.

(e) All major alterations or other modifications must be submitted in writing to the manufacturer or an approved engineer for review. The manufacturer's or engineer's comments must be kept in the ride file jacket.

(f) The assembly and disassembly of an amusement ride or device shall be done by or under the immediate supervision of a person experienced in the proper performance of such work in respect to the ride or device.

(g) Parts shall be properly aligned and shall not be bent, distorted, cut, omitted or otherwise deformed to force them into place. Parts requiring lubrication shall be relubricated in the course of assembly. Fastening and locking devices such as bolts, cap screws, cotter pins and lock washers shall be installed where required. Nuts and lock nuts shall be firmly set. Welding of parts upon which safe operation depends shall be done by welders certified in accordance with the requirements of the American Welding Society. Any work performed by a welder shall be noted in the ride record and filed in the ride file jacket.

(h) Tools and equipment used in the assembly or disassembly of amusement rides or devices shall be of proper size and design to enable the work to be done safely and properly.

(i) Daily inspection of amusement rides or devices shall be required prior to the ride or device carrying passengers. The inspection shall be made by the owner or his or her agent. The inspection shall include the operation of control devices, speed-limiting devices, brakes and other equipment provided for safety (i.e. pins, bolts, keys, and other fasteners). Prior to carrying passengers, the ride or device shall be operated for a minimum of one complete operating cycle. A record of each inspection shall be filed in the ride file jacket.

(j) All power transmission devices and associated moving parts shall be shielded, enclosed or barricaded to protect the public.

(k) Hydraulic systems shall be checked for leaks, damaged pipes and worn or deteriorated hoses. Only manufacturer approved hydraulic fluid shall be used.

(l) Pressure relief valves or devices, including, but not limited to, compressed air and gas devices, shall be tested on a weekly basis to insure that they operate properly.

(m) All fabrics constituting part of an amusement ride or device shall meet the requirements of the small-scale test contained in NFPA 701, Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Films.

(n) Storage and use of flammable liquids and gases shall comply with the requirements of the regulations of the division concerning flammable and combustible liquids.

(o) In all locations where vehicles and persons may travel, electrical cables shall be protected with conduit, planks or other approved methods such as matting or trenching.

(p) Each electrically operated amusement ride or device shall be provided with a properly labeled disconnect power switch placed within reach of the operator.

(q) Safe and adequate means of access to and egress from amusement rides or devices shall be provided. All passageways shall be free from debris, obstructions, projections and other hazards. All surfaces shall be such as to prevent slipping and tipping. The width of passageways shall not be less than the width of exit doors or stairs to which they lead.

(r) All amusement rides or devices shall be required to be fenced for the protection of passengers, spectators and workers in compliance with ASTM F-24 Committee guidelines.

(s) Amusement rides and attractions are to be kept fifteen (15) feet away from electrical lines as specified in the National Electric Code, Section 525-12.

(t) The interior and exterior parts of all passenger-carrying amusement devices or amusement attractions with which a passenger may come in contact shall be smooth and rounded and free from sharp, rough, or splintered edges and corners, with no projecting studs, bolts, screws, or other projections which might cause injury. Interior parts upon or against which a passenger may be forcibly thrown by the action of the amusement device or amusement attraction shall be adequately padded.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1997, ch. 79, § 2; P.L. 2002, ch. 317, § 1.)