Health and Safety

CHAPTER 23-34.1
Amusement Ride Safety Act

SECTION 23-34.1-9

§ 23-34.1-9. General set up requirements.

(a) Blocking, when used, must be placed on a sound foundation. Concrete blocks, hollow blocks, hollow boxes or other hollow core items shall not be allowed. Cribbing and crossing of blocks is required, when stacking two (2) or more blocks.

(b) All passenger carrier and safety restraints must be in good, serviceable condition.

(c) All pins, bolts, and other fasteners must be safety locked with snap rings, cotter keys, or other type of locking device to keep the pins bolts, and other fasteners in their proper place. The pins must be in place and of proper size and type, as specified by the manufacturer. No nails, screws, or wire will be allowed.

(d) The rides must be operated within their manufacturer's specifications designated revolutions per minute rating with a balanced load and are not to be overloaded.

(e) Rides using gasoline fueled engines shall not be fueled while the engine is running or passengers are on the ride.

(f) Moving, or hot parts, including but not limited to, belts, chains, gears, shafts, knuckle joints, and exhaust pipes, that may be injurious to the public shall be effectively guarded to prevent contact. All electrical junction boxes must be locked or sealed and properly identified as such and have proper fencing around them.

(g) All rides shall have an approved and operable fire extinguisher within fifteen (15) feet of each ride operator, unless the local fire marshal requires additional extinguishers.

(h) Major rides are to be set up a minimum of twelve (12) feet apart between all moving parts, a minimum of six (6) feet between kiddie rides. The measurements shall be taken from any moving part.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1997, ch. 79, § 2.)