Title 27

Chapter 18.5
Individual Health Insurance Coverage

R.I. Gen. Laws 27-18.5-8

 27-18.5-8.  Wellness health benefit plan.

All carriers that offer health insurance in the individual market shall actively market and offer the wellness health direct benefit plan to eligible individuals. The wellness health direct benefit plan shall be determined by regulation promulgated by the office of the health insurance commissioner (OHIC). The OHIC shall develop the criteria for the direct wellness health benefit plan, including, but not limited to, benefit levels, cost sharing levels, exclusions and limitations in accordance with the following:

(1) Form and utilize an advisory committee in accordance with subsection 27-50-10(5).

(2) Set a target for the average annualized individual premium rate for the direct wellness health benefit plan to be less than ten percent (10%) of the average annual statewide wage, dependent upon the availability of reinsurance funds, as reported by the Rhode Island department of labor and training, in their report entitled "Quarterly Census of Rhode Island Employment and Wages." In the event that this report is no longer available, or the OHIC determines that it is no longer appropriate for the determination of maximum annualized premium, an alternative method shall be adopted in regulation by the OHIC. The maximum annualized individual premium rate shall be determined no later than August 1st of each year, to be applied to the subsequent calendar year premiums rates.

(3) Ensure that the direct wellness health benefit plan creates appropriate incentives for employers, providers, health plans and consumers to, among other things:

(i) Focus on primary care, prevention and wellness;

(ii) Actively manage the chronically ill population;

(iii) Use the least cost, most appropriate setting; and

(iv) Use evidence based, quality care.

(4) The plan shall be made available in accordance with title 27, chapter 18.5 as required by regulation on or before May 1, 2007.

History of Section.
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