Federal Riot Reinsurance Reimbursement Fund

SECTION 27-33-6

§ 27-33-6. Post assessment funding.

Whenever the secretary shall, in accordance with the Act, present to the state a request for reimbursement under the Act, the fund shall immediately assess all insurers that, during the calendar year with respect to which reimbursement is requested by the secretary, were chartered or licensed or engaged in writing those classes of insurance listed in §§ 27-8-1 and 27-8-3. The amount of each insurer's assessment shall be calculated by multiplying the amount of the reimbursement requested by the secretary by a fraction the numerator of which is the insurer's premiums actually written in this state in that calendar year and the denominator of which is the aggregate of the written premiums for all insurers. Insurers may add to the premiums applicable to the lines on which the assessment is levied, an amount to be approved by the insurance commissioner, sufficient to recover within not more than three (3) years any amounts assessed under this section during the preceding calendar year together with the amount of costs and expenses reasonably attributable to the assessments and recovery of them.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1969, ch. 211, § 1.)