Title 28
Labor and Labor Relations

Chapter 36
Workers’ Compensation — Insurance

R.I. Gen. Laws § 28-36-7

§ 28-36-7. Proceedings by employee against insurer or employer.

Any employee entitled to compensation from his or her employer under chapters 29 — 38 of this title shall, irrespective of any insurance contracts, have the right to recover compensation directly from the employer or the insurer in the manner provided in those chapters and, additionally, the right to enforce in his or her own name, in the manner provided in those chapters, either by making the insurer or the employer a party to proceedings to an original petition at the court, or by filing against either a separate petition, to determine the liability of any insurer that may have insured the employer against liability for the compensation, or to determine the liability of the employer for the compensation; provided, that payment in whole or in part of the compensation by either the employer or insurer shall, to the extent of the payment, be a bar to recovery against the other of the amount paid. As between the employer and the insurer, payment by either directly to any employee shall be subject to the conditions of the insurance contract between them.

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