Title 31
Motor and Other Vehicles

Chapter 10
Operators’ and Chauffeurs’ Licenses

R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-10-1

§ 31-10-1. License required to drive.

(a) No person, except those expressly exempted in this chapter, shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless that person has a valid license as an operator or chauffeur under the provisions of this chapter. No person shall receive an operator’s license unless and until he or she surrenders to the division of motor vehicles all valid operators’ licenses in his or her possession issued to that person by any other jurisdiction. All surrendered licenses shall be returned by the division of motor vehicles to the issuer together with the information that the licensee is now licensed in this state. No person shall be permitted to have more than one valid operator’s license at any time. Any resident as defined under § 31-1-18 shall be required to obtain a Rhode Island operator’s or chauffeur’s license within thirty (30) days of establishing residency.

(b) No person shall drive a motor vehicle as a chauffeur unless he or she holds a valid chauffeur’s license. No person shall receive a chauffeur’s license unless and until he or she surrenders to the division of motor vehicles any operator’s license issued to him or her, or an affidavit that he or she does not possess an operator’s license.

(c) Any person holding a valid chauffeur’s license under this chapter need not procure an operator’s license.

(d) Any person licensed as an operator or chauffeur under this chapter may exercise the privilege granted by that license upon all streets and highways in this state, and shall not be required to obtain any other license to exercise that privilege by any county, municipal, or local board, or by any body having authority to adopt local police regulations.

History of Section.
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