Motor and Other Vehicles

Registration of Vehicles

SECTION 31-3-5

§ 31-3-5. Grounds for refusal of registration.

The division of motor vehicles shall refuse registration or any transfer of registration upon any of the following grounds:

(1) That the application contains any false or fraudulent statement, or that the applicant has failed to furnish required information, or reasonable additional information requested by the division of motor vehicles, or that the applicant is not entitled to the issuance of registration of the vehicle under chapters 3 – 9 of this title;

(2) That the vehicle is mechanically unfit or unsafe to be operated upon the highways;

(3) That the division of motor vehicles has reasonable ground to believe that the vehicle is a stolen or embezzled vehicle, or that the granting of registration would constitute a fraud against the rightful owner;

(4) That the registration of the vehicle stands suspended or revoked for any reason as provided in the motor vehicle laws of this state;

(5) That the vehicle has been reported by any city or town to the division of motor vehicles as having unpaid fines in the aggregate amount of two hundred dollars ($200) or more, including any and all interest, penalties, or other monetary amount that may be imposed for failure to pay the fines by a specified date; provided, the registration shall be issued upon presentation of proof of payment of the outstanding fines, including any and all interest, penalties, or other monetary amount owed to the cities or towns reporting the unpaid fines. When the division of motor vehicles denies a registration to any person pursuant to this subsection, the city or town requesting the denial of registration shall add a five-dollar ($5.00) fee to the aggregate value of the sum of the fines and, upon payment, shall transmit the fee to the division of motor vehicles. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to any vehicle owned by a rental company, as defined in § 31-34.1-1;

(6) That the vehicle does not comply with regulations promulgated pursuant to § 23-23-5(18);

(7) That the vehicle does not comply with the provisions of chapter 47.1 of this title and any rules and regulations promulgated under that chapter;

(8) That a commercial motor vehicle is being operated by a commercial motor carrier that has been prohibited from operating in interstate commerce by a federal agency with authority to do so under federal law; or

(9) That the registered owner of a vehicle failed to pay the required toll amounts, administrative fees, and fines as prescribed in § 24-12-37.

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