Title 33
Probate Practice and Procedure

Chapter 15
Limited Guardianship and Guardianship of Adults

R.I. Gen. Laws § 33-15-19

§ 33-15-19. Inventory and appraisement of estate.

(a) Within thirty (30) days after his or her appointment, or any longer time that may be allowed by the probate court, a temporary guardian, guardian, or limited guardian shall return to the probate court, under oath, an inventory and appraisement of all the real and personal property of his or her ward, as of the date of the guardian’s qualification to be made by either the guardian and/or a suitable, disinterested person or persons appointed by the court. The appraisers shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of their trust.

(b) In appraising the ward’s interest in any assets held by the ward jointly or in some other form of concurrent ownership with another party, the appraiser shall include on the inventory an explanation for the basis for appraising the inventory, as either all, none, or a portion of the value of the assets.

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