Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

SECTION 34-18-22.2

§ 34-18-22.2. Landlord's duty regarding compliance with zoning and minimum housing laws.

Whenever any landlord, either by his or her own labor or through the use of others acting on his or her behalf, undertakes physical alterations to an existing building which alterations create a residential apartment or apartments, and the landlord knew or should have known that the alterations would result in the construction of an apartment or apartments which violate the applicable state and/or local zoning laws and/or state or local minimum housing codes, the landlord shall be responsible to pay the moving costs of any tenants required to move from any of the apartments because of the nonconformity of the apartments with the law; provided, however, that the landlord will be required to pay such moving costs only to a place within the same city or town where the property in violation of the law is located.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 410, § 1.)